Usually my rabbit hole thinking is constrained to the weekends… however, I didn’t stumble into the notion of exponential technologies until last night. Went to sleep thinking about it; spent this morning researching it. A bit. More to come.

Peter Diamandis is well known for the XPrize, and like Elon Musk, knows that dreaming of space lets you dream big. However, he dreams big in other ways, too, like this quote on being a billionaire. However, as Singularity University points out, we won’t reach space, or a billion people, taking a linear approach. It has to be exponential.

We hear a lot about algorithms when we are poking around on social media. Someone, somewhere has programmed things in a way that we are more likely to see things that interest us, and of course, more likely to see ads that lead us to buying stuff.

In the course…

Katelyn and I have been binge watching Modern Family the last several weeks. I never got past the first 2 or 3 seasons with Maureen after it launched in 2009. It is absolutely hysterical because it gets so much right from the perspective of the parents and the kids.



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